you’re invited

One of the desires of this teaching series in Ephesians is that we would make a greater effort to invite the people in our lives (neighbors, classmates, coworkers, next-of-kin, etc.) to come hear and study the incredible truth of the Gospel together. So we created these invitation cards and passed them out to everyone in the church this past Sunday.

I’m excited about this (and not just because it was fun to design them). I really think that what we’ll be talking about (in all 4 services) is really worth bringing others along to hear. Here’s a bit on the copy:


  • YOU’RE INVITED – You really are. So please come.
  • JESUS LOVES THE CHURCH: DO YOU? – The church regularly gets a bad rap (and often rightfully so), but the book of Ephesians lays out this incredible plan of God and work of Jesus that places tremendous value onto this wacky group of people called the “Church.” What’s the deal with that? And should that cause us to think differently about the Church too? I think so.
  • COME DISCOVER WHY AN UNWORTHY PEOPLE BECAME THE RECIPIENT OF JESUS’ INCREDIBLE LOVE – That really should floor us. Jesus loves the Church, not because of anything the Church have done to deserve it… in fact, it would have been easier (for God) if He/Jesus had just decided not to love it at all… because as we’ll see, that love led to paying a price; a price greater than anything… ever.
  • SEPTEMBER 18 – NOVEMBER 20 – Those are the dates (you probably could have figured that out yourself).
  • You are invited to join us Sundays this Fall as we investigate the depths of Jesus’ love for the Church. Come discover the bigger picture of how a messed up people became Plan A for bringing glory to God. The Church isn’t always easy to love, but Jesus loves the Church and we hope you will too. Plan to join us for any one of our worship services, a small group experience, community service opportunities and much more this Fall at South Shores Church. – Enough said.
Anyway, I hope people get excited about these, and beyond these cards, I hope they get excited about sharing Christ with the people God has placed in their life. Will it help? I don’t know, but it is worth trying… now who should I give one to?
If you want to pass some out let me know. I have a lot more!

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