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Ephesians 1 has a lot to say about God choosing a people and carrying out a plan. While I tried to do my best to tell you what I think the Bible teaches (in my message Sunday night… sorry if you missed it, we’ll start recording the audio next week). Here are some links to some other (smarter) minds that do a great job dealing with the issues of election and predestination. If you only read one, choose John Piper’s sermon on Romans 9:6-13, it is fantastic (you can read, play the audio, or download it to listen to later).

John Piper – Sermon on Romans 9:6-13 – “Unconditional Election and the Invincible Purpose of God” (incredibly rich)

Before we can be justified we must believe on Jesus Christ. But before we can believe on Jesus Christ we must be chosen and called. God does not choose us because we will believe. He chooses us so that we will believe.

Kevin DeYoung – Blog Post – “What is the difference between election and predestination”  (short and sweet)

And yet this notion of divine superintendence is not meant to undercut personal initiative and responsibility.

Joe Thorn – Blog Post – “Like a Man on Fire” (in case you worry that God choosing/electing takes away the importance of evangelism)

Man’s total depravity moves me to preach Jesus Christ because I know that there is no hope for a man to find his way to God, accidentally or intentionally, on his own.

RC Sproul – Video Series – “Chosen By God” (6 college level lectures – I have only seen a part, but I trust him throughout)

I know God is under no obligation to save anybody, and I know that God does save somebody. God is God. And God reminds His people of one crucial principle of divine sovereignty… the divine principle… ‘I will have mercy upon whom I have mercy.’

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