you’ve got to pray

I don’t remember exactly how old I was when we made the road trip (10 maybe?), but I do remember my tunes.

It was during Christmas break and my family of four loaded into the suburban and made our way north to Washington and then over to Idaho to visit family for Christmas. What did I listen to in my Sony Walkman? My beloved MC Hammer tape, Please Hammer Don’t Hurt ‘Em.

Now, we will set aside the various questions of how did I end up with this tape, why did my parents let me listen to this tape and whether or not I had my own home-made “Hammer Pants,” and move on to what is important: prayer.  One of the hit tracks from this tape/album (second to “Can’t Touch This”) is a song entitled “Pray.” Now, if you search this on YouTube or grab the lyrics online, I don’t recommend you build any sort of theology of prayer around this (it tells you more about pop hip-hop culture in the early 90s than it does prayer). However, I will always remember the much repeated line, “You’ve got to pray just to make it today.”

It’s true. Prayer is necessary, and often forgotten. This coming Sunday we’ll be studying from Ephesians 1:15-23, where Paul gives thanks for the faith of his readers and reminds them that he is praying for them all the time. Then he gives what he is praying for them… it is powerful. Here is a quote from Peter T. O’Brien, New Testament scholar, that was meaningful to me as I prepare to teach on this passage:

“[Paul] recognizes that the Christian growth of his readers, as well as the furtherance of his own ministry of the gospel, is wholly dependent upon the living God, who gives generously to his children when they call upon him in prayer.”

Take time today to go before the Father in prayer; He gives generously to his children.

“That’s why we pray.” (thank you Reverend Hammer)

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