Anew – Reveal Your Love

At our South Shores Remix service we have a few different bands that are taking turns in leading our group into the presence of the Lord. One such group, husband and wife team Steven and Lauren Shaw, has started a blog to help chronicle their musical experience and reflections. Today, in their second post, they have included a download of a song they recently recorded after playing it at the Remix service. The song is called, “Reveal Your Love.” May I just say, that the night the played it (we were looking at how we were dead and our sin and made alive only by God’s grace), it moved me to tears. They played and sang it beautifully, but also helped our church to understand its meaning and why we should worship a God who both pours out wrath, but also gives mercy.

Here’s an excerpt from their post:

These lyrics portray the reality that God will pour out his wrath on people and that he will judge humanity. They also show the tension of being on the receiving end of God’s actions. Yikes!  This can be a hard pill to swallow and is not the first thing I like to think about when I think of the Lord. It is common to push this truth under the rug when speaking of God’s character, but nevertheless it IS part of his character.

The Wonderful part in having a relationship with God is that I am always learning more about Him, and growing in my understanding of Him. I know that while He is a God of wrath and judgement, He is also supremely good and perfect. And because of Christ, He hears our prayers when we ask for grace instead of Wrath. Thank you Lord!!

It is a great song and they are great worship leaders. Here’s the song, and head over to their blog for more of their insights and the lyrics.

Made Anew Blog

Steven & Lauren Shaw - "Anew"


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