a week late #1 – sermon (Eph 3:14-21)

(Due to the busyness of last week I have several posts I hand intended to write, but just never got to them… here is number one)

Okay, so, I know that I mentioned last week that I’d be posting the sermon audio the next day… unfortunately we ran into some technical difficulties and what normally would have been a clear recording sounded more like an underwater circus from the seventies. All that to say, no message audio to be had. So, in its place I have two alternatives for you: 1) some brief quotes from my message that I happened to think were mildly interesting (and most likely stolen from better sources) and 2) a far away, web cam video with web cam audio of the entire night; now the benefit of this is that you can get a taste of the entire South Shores Remix service including the public reading, prayers, and music (led by Dana Dill, Rebecca Zeulner, and Tim Aney), as well as the sermon. However, the quality is not superb… but again on the bright-side, you can’t see me that well, so almost as good as having just audio. Enjoy.



Because God is insanely rich, but is also insanely generous… He’s the one Paul asks for these things. He is going big on asking, but he’s asking the right person. Do you believe God has the ability (resources)? Do you believe that He is generous and wants to give? This power is sourced in God’s richness and generosity and it is put to work in you by the Spirit.


Asking Jesus into my heart (because of our connotations of hearts with love and valentines) has kind of become a cutesy kind of thing… but what it refers to is not cute at all: I am making Jesus king of my life When we first put our faith in Jesus, we hand him the throne of our life… the Spirit comes and changes the placard, places His seal on it, and Jesus is ready to rule us: our decisions, our desires, our passions. But in our immaturity we still veto His decisions. Through sin we say no to Jesus in our life, not in a saving sense, but in a present, ruling sense. Paul is praying that Christ would exercise His rule actively over all we are and all we do through faith, that we trust Him to make our hearts His home.

Power & Presence:

Paul prays for power, but the power he prays for is rooted in the presence of the Spirit and Christ in our life. The more the Spirit empowers our lives the more we are transformed into Christ’s likeness, by obeying his rule.


We don’t have to know all about Jesus’ love (God’s love) to come to Him.  We can come to Him because He has come to us. We can love Him, because He first loved us. And we can spend the rest of this life and the life to come understanding Christ’s love.


If you are in Christ and you think that you are not loved or are unloveable, this will hinder Christ’s work in your life. The truth is we all were unloveable, but at the cross Jesus declared: I love you, I love you, I love you.


And as we come to know that love and live in light of that love, we are different. We grow. We mature. The final part of Paul’s petitions of prayer, that we would be filled to the measure of all fullness of God.

To the Glory of God:

This is Paul’s prayer: The empowering of the Spirit; the presence of Christ ruling your life; comprehending the love of Christ; as you spiritually mature into the man or woman God wants you to be. The Ephesians may have expected a different prayer, but this is a better prayer. Not of easy fixes and temporal happiness, but the lasting presence of God and our development into being like His Son… perfect as he is perfect. Because this is what results in God’s glory.


Video streaming by Ustream


(we figured out the problem, and should be back to our regularly scheduled broadcast this week)


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