sermon, quotes, video (Eph 4:1-16)

Here is Sunday’s sermon (audio), some meaningful quotes (meaningful to me at least), and a link to the Ustream video (no drawings this week, sorry).


Download: Living Worthy of the Calling, Together



We have been called greatly and therefore our lives must be lived greatly. This is overwhelming, but should be every Christian’s desire: honor the God who has greatly honored you.

We have been called… first. Pauls urging, his exhortation to live a great life for God is based first and foremost in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Contrary to every other major religion in the world which says you must do this, do this, do this, do this… that you might be saved or glorified, or return or enlightened, Christ says, “You can’t do anything, but I have done everything. Now that you are saved and empowered and adopted, and made new and all the other things we’ve already covered… live for Me.”

The teaching, the instruction, the giving of the Word by the people God has placed in your church is not just for your individual growth. Hear this! Too often we are so concerned with whether or not we are “being fed,” whether or not each sermon hits that magical spot that causes me to grow miraculously and makes my inner spirit all warm and tingly. Paul says, “Knock it off! See the bigger picture!” Is the Word being given to feed you, yes, but not just you  and you shouldn’t be “eating” just so that you grow, taking no part in the growth of the whole body! It is for the whole church! And you have a part in it. You who come to church and “eat” and then having nothing else to do with the body of Christ, this local church, until you come again next Sunday… that is not the point. Paul is clearly calling us to mutual responsibility for the growth of this church.

If we have a greater understanding of our responsibilities to one another; and our common goal of growth and being like Christ; then we will grow and build our church up in love as each part does its work.


Video streaming by Ustream


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