Sermon & Board Notes (Eph 4:17-24)

Our 9th week in Jesus Loves the Church; taking an honest look at the difference between the self-focused life and the life focused on Christ. Paul wants to remind his readers of what they left in order to cherish and do rightly in the new life they have gained.




Futility of the Mind:

The unbeliever is confused in his entire purpose for living.

Darkened Understanding:

By having a “darkened understanding,” Paul is not saying that these people, who are apart from Christ, don’t have these sorts of intelligence… just the one that is most important. The ability to understand, to grasp the truth, of God and the Gospel, the Good News of Jesus Christ.

School of Christ:

Christ is the atmosphere in which the teaching takes place. You are no longer in darkness or ignorance, but in Christ: where truth can be revealed and learned.

Old Self vs. New Self:

Your former way of life was set for destruction… it is foolish to let it play any role in your new life. Instead we need to live out the implications of this dramatic change.

Board Notes:

They are a little on the goofy side this time. I hope you don’t mind. (I added some descriptions that were verbalized in the sermon, but not written on the board)



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