Sermon (Eph 4:25-5:2)

Our 10th and final week of Jesus Loves the Church (for the Fall) was on Sunday, November 20th. We took a look at the end of chapter 4 at what many consider to be a list of rules… hopefully in listening in you will see that they are so, so much more than that. [We will pick back up with Ephesians 5 on January 8th. I hope that this book has become even more alive for you and greater understood.]


Key Ideas:


Paul has turned work, which too often is for our own success or pleasure, into a tool for showing God’s glory in relation to how we take care of each other in the body of Christ.


Christians on the other hand are supposed to choose their words wisely in order to edify or build up one another. Our conversation should be wholesome and beneficial to grow and give grace to those who hear.


Paul is brilliant. He can give a list of rules that normally would set us up to be rule mongers, but he reminds us that we can’t. We’re only doing okay because of God’s grace… because He has forgiven us… because He was kind to us and had mercy on us. So be like Him… and have grace, and forgiveness, and compassion and kindness too.

We can get all hung up on rule-sy type language. The truth is, we need it. We need a guide to know what is part of the old life and what is part of the new.


Christianity will continue because the One who gave it form died to make those who followed just like Him.

Board Notes:

None this week.



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