sermon: The Light & The Life (John 1:4)

This Christmas our series is entitled: The Light Shines. We are taking an in-depth look at the “prologue” of John 1 (verses 1-18). Pastor Ty kicked off the series last week looking at Jesus as “The Logos – the Word” and as creator. Sunday night I picked up where he left off looking at verse 4:

In Him was life, and that life was the light of men.

In other Remix news, we had our first potluck gathering prior to the service and it was a roaring (and filling) success. Thanks to all who came.


Key Ideas:

Why study John 1 at Christmas? :

And we study it this Christmas, we look at the incarnation of Christ, so that we might have one eye on Jesus born a child, laying in manger and our other eye on the beginning of the world and say, “Yes, My Lord was already there.”

Only God can create Life:

Here we stand in defiance to what the general scientific community is teaching today because we say with along with John that life does not exist in its own right… it comes from a source… that source is Jesus.

Spiritual Life is found only in Jesus:

If you have Jesus, then you have life. If you reject him, you reject the life… the real life, the spiritual life that begins in the here and now and continues on to that better country God has prepared for those who have faith in His Son.

Jesus is a Light to All:

In one sense we can understand this to reflect the bringing of life in general to people as a sort of light… a sort of hope. It allows for men and women to exist, a sort of common grace that life would occur at all; that God would make provisions for people’s days to continue.

Jesus is the Light of Spiritual Truth:

Jesus, who has life to give, has also light to shine. And He brings both if you are willing to receive it.

Some extra pictures related to the sermon (you’ll have to listen to know why):

And this:

The "All Spark" from Transformers

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