I’m no John Piper

In an effort to do a little catch-up on this blog-thing, (which has largely turned into a place for posting sermons… sorry about that – hopefully it will become more and not less), I will be posting three different sermons this week. However, with the breadth of good sermons on the internet, why should you listen to these?

  1. If South Shores is your church
  2. If Remix is your service
  3. If you want to encourage young men in their journey of becoming better preachers
  4. You know me.

But, be warned, they may not be all that you could receive from some famous pastor, so here’s a fantastic article excerpt to help you love me (us) a little better:

Steve Burchett, When Your Preacher Is Not John Piper:

Many who have had the privilege of hearing John Piper preach in person would testify that it felt like a monumental event. His preaching powerfully combines truth and passion, leading to convicted and exhilarated listeners. After the sermon, certain hearers might leave wondering if they were just in the presence of a figure who will be talked about in future centuries.

Then they go back to their home church, where several things are different, including the preaching. Thankfully, the gospel is still proclaimed. In fact, the sermons are thoroughly biblical, but the ability of their regular preacher simply does not measure up to the phenomenal preaching they recently heard.

Unless you attend a church led by of one of the celebrated preachers of our day, you most likely have faced a similar situation. Either at a conference or on the internet, you have heard exceptional preaching, but each Sunday you’re back in your simple little home church that hardly anybody beyond your town knows about, with its “nobody” of a pastor who will probably never preach to thousands.

What if your gospel-preaching pastor is not as good as one of the great orators of our day? Is it time to sell the house, pack up the family, and change churches? No, I don’t think so. But what should you do?

Then he lists five things:

  1. Rejoice that your preacher is a man who proclaims the gospel.
  2. Recognize that certain men are uniquely gifted by the Lord to have an international ministry and appeal, but this is not the norm.
  3. (If he is dull) Remember that the mature worshiper is easily edified.
  4. Listen eagerly and with Bible open to encourage better preaching.
  5. Verbally encourage the preacher(s) in your church.

To read the full article, go here.

I hope you enjoy the sermons this week (on tents, what you do and marriage), and I hope to post some additional stuff on the marriage one in particular.


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