sermon: It Matters How You Live (Eph 5:1-21)

We are BACK… in Ephesians! This was so exciting for me. Even though we only took a short break (and it was for Christmas), I was so happy to be back trying to pick Paul’s brain as he writes to the church about “living a life worthy of the calling (Eph 4:1).” We picked up right where we left off, and I hope that for anyone who has been following (crickets?), being back in Ephesians feels homey and comfortable for you too.


Key Ideas:

It matters what you avoid:

Paul is very clear that sex outside of marriage (sexual immorality) and further sexual and lustful vices are not consistent with placing your trust in Christ and the new life that ensues.

Wittiness can also have a negative side; wittiness with a lurid and distasteful heart, and a disdain for the beauty of sex and sexual relationships creates subtle pathways that lead others into dirtiness.

It matters what you do:

If we are reading His revealed Word; attending church to hear it taught, to sing songs that reflect His word (so that it gets into our hearts); if we are meeting with other believers to better know it and see how it relates to our own lives and if we are praying and asking God to show us what please Him… we just made our life about pleasing God… don’t you think that pleases Him? I do.

It matters how you live:

When we hear God’s will; we are conditioned to think about what is God’s specific will in my life in the present thing I’m thinking about… but Paul is thinking much bigger picture here… when he talks about God’s will he is thinking about God’s gracious saving plan (the summing up of all things in Christ) and how part of that is the forming of a people into the likeness of Christ who will be pure and blameless. Our desire for personal guidance must first be submitted to and fall under these purposes.

We are to be receptive to the Spirit’s transforming work, subject to his control which is akin to letting Christ’s word rule in our lives, so that we may walk wisely and understand what is the Lord’s will. The goal then is to attain we already have in Christ – fullness and spiritual maturity.

Due to all the stories surrounding Tim Tebow these past few months I was very interested to discover some more about him. More than the discussion of whether or not God was helping him win I was intrigued by various writer's reactions to a man proclaiming Christ AND trying to live according to the new life found in Christ. Listen to sermon for more. See link below for referenced article.

Wall Street Journal : Tim Tebow – God’s Quarterback

Mr. Tebow may indeed turn out to be a hypocrite, like other high-profile Christians in recent memory. Some of us might even want that to happen, because moral failure is something we understand. We know how to deal with disappointed expectations, to turn our songs of praise into condemnation.

What we are far less sure how to do is to take seriously a public figure’s seemingly admirable character and professions of higher purpose. We don’t know how to trust goodness.


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